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Follow and support your runner

The UTMB® is a great trail-running festival. During the week and on the route of the 7 races, all the event's players are mobilised to ensure that runners and their supporters have an extraordinary experience.Supporters and families have numerous tools and plans at their disposal allowing them to follow the races in the best conditions.

Follow the evolution of each runner live through UTMB®Live, information which can also be posted on the runners' Facebook pages or be sent to you via text message (SMS). On each runner's page find the video sequences of their passages in front of the webcams installed along the route and at the finish.
Experience the race live via the webcams installed at the main points of passage and the finish.
From Wednesday to Sunday, you can follow all the key moments of the races on UTMB® TV with numerous live broadcasts, and on social media (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram).

In Chamonix itself and along the route, everything is done to facilitate the access for families and supporters : exceptional means put in to place for TRANSPORT so as to limit the use of personal vehicles and so reduce our impact upon the environment.

So that you may support your runner while respecting the equity of the races, assistance to runners is subject to strict rules which are explained, below, in the regulations.

Supporters may also consult numerous pieces of information on their dedicated on-line page. Registration is simple and quick and it allows you to receive all the official information sent by the organisation via text message (SMS).

Everything is done to simplify following the races whether on the ground or from home.

To follow the race

follow the races online WITH our tracking tools 


 UTMB®Live: The real-time tracking during the event

the television channel for directly experiencing all the highlights of the event (starts, live-coverage, interviews, films, following the race leader, finishes)

following runners, estimated times of passage, list of favorites, interactive race profiles, comparison between runners, race leaders and webcams

the Social Wall so as not to miss the latest UTMB® news on the social networks and to interact with the community.

This interface will open on Monday of the UTMB Mont-Blanc week.


Known under the name of LiveTrail, this application has proved its worth amongst accompanying persons on the ground. Searches for runners, estimates of times of passage, following the race leader. With LiveInfo you have, in your pocket, an information post and more. It is the optimum means for following your runners along the route but also from a distance.

Good to know:
You are wondering where to go to see the runner who you are accompanying? You want to know if you have time to get there? The LiveInfo app lets accompanying persons calculate the time necessary to reach the runner’s next point of passage and gives you an integrated Google Maps navigation to get you there. Download the application on: Google Play - Apple Store

New this year :
A "premium" version allow you to personnalize your home screen and to receive notifications each time one of your favorite runners pass a new step.


Runners have the possibility of renting a tag/beacon so as to be followed during their chosen race. Placed in the pack, it allows family and friends to follow from a distance in real time.


Rendezvous on UTMB® Live, to see around 15 webcams installed on the different races. At the passage of each participant a video sequence is available live on their runners’ page. You can also see the runner who you are following at any moment and experience the race stage by stage. After the race, it will be possible to buy a souvenir video grouping all the clips of the runner. 


Crews and assistants