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The good health of runners is a priority for us. The UTMB® makes every effort to assure the security and medical follow-up of all the runners. Besides, we lead numerous informative and preventative actions regarding the health of runners.

Since the first event in 2003, the UTMB® has looked to maintain the authenticity and fair-play of the sport. The organisation thus set up a health policy associating prevention, information and actions of control, aiming to ensure that the races take place fairly. We encourage the athletes to show the greatest transparency, in an exemplary fashion.

The UTMB® is also tremendous research laboratory for ultra-endurance sports. The scale of the races, as well as the number of participants allow our scientific partners to realise research in optimal conditions, and therefore to better understand the health risks linked to the intense practise of trail-running. This scientific research has led to the publication of numerous papers in the domains of sport, science and health.

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An idea circulates frequently in the ultra-endurance race packs: we will not be affected by doping. By what happy miracle?
Just like the protection of our environment or respecting the rules, the question about the use of forbidden substances is not obvious, and hides behind causes other than the mediatisation of a discipline, money or power.
To keep the spirit and authenticity of our event, we have for several years carried out regulative controls and preventative actions regarding health issues assuring both us, and "you", that our races take place fairly, and even "ethically". A modest contribution committed to by runners, and for runners, with vigilance, so that our sport remains clean and our mechanics in perfect working order.

The healthy policy which has covered the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® since 2003 has evolved this year with the help of the tools and support put in to place by the International Trail Running Association (ITRA) through its health page.

This action has neither the vocation, nor the competence to substitute itself for the current national and international regulations regarding the fight against doping but aims to reinforce the medical surveillance which the Organisation wishes for.
This action is led by a Medical Counsel, inside the organisation, comprising uniquely of doctors, who are able ask the opinion of experts of their choice, and are asked to express a consultative opinion aimed for the race Jury on the medical state of the participants.


  1. State any information relative to the use of a prescription subject to a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) on their personal ITRA health page (tab "TUE").
    Sportsmen and women can be ill or present conditions which require the taking of particular medicines. When the medication taken with the aim of treating an illness or particular condition appears of on the list of banned substances, a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) can allow this sportsperson to take this required medication.
    For more information:
    This information is to be given as soon as possible in case of a TUE requested or previously obtained. If not, it must be given no later than the 8th day following the request for a TUE and definitely before the start of the race.
  2. Obtain the information relative to the taking of medicines or quite different substances from your personal ITRA health page (tab « Medicines used »).
  3. To accept all requests for urine and/or blood and/or capillary samples and analyses related to the requests made by the Organisation’s Medical Counsel, while understanding that any expenses inherent to the realisation of these samples and the associated analyses are the Organisation’s direct responsibility. You can then obtain the results of your analyses from your personal ITRA health page (tab «History of analyses").
  4. To agree to answer all summons which the Organisation’s Medical Counsel may send you on the basis of the medical information concerning you so as to discuss your capacity, or not, to participate in the race for which you are registered. At the end of the interview, the Medical Counsel can advise the race jury about whether the runner should be excluded from the race, or not, due to a medical reason.

NB: The runner also has the possibility of obtaining the information relative to the taking of medicines or any other substance on his personal health page on the ITRA web-site ( tab: Medicines taken).

List of banned substances

The anti-doping legislation being extremely complex, is often very difficult to find. Each month, new medicines come on to the market and are likely to contain banned substances. Moreover, many of you come from far a field and are not perhaps used to the medicines sold in France. When you have taken some medicine, of whatever type, you should remember that it is your responsibility that is systematically engaged.

By connecting to your personal health page at the ITRA ( and from the tab “Verify a
medicine", you benefit from all the services proposed by SPORT Protect:

  • A database of French medicines, which informs you of their exact status with regard to the anti-doping legislation.
  • Presentation of the 10 Golden rules to protect the integrity of competitions.
  • A database of dietary and cosmetic foodstuff complements corresponding to the NF anti-doping standard V94-001.
  • The "Sports person’s information service" which simply answers questions posed. A pharmacist, a responsible scientific person, quality control engineer and a psychologist are there to answer all your questions.

The SPORT Protect applications are also available from smartphones to provide accessible protection. Everywhere. All the time.

For all information concerning the fight against doping, we invite you to consult :

  • The website of the World Anti-Doping Agency (AMA)
  • The website of the French Agency for the Fight Against Doping
  • Doping prevention
  • Wall Protect, anti-doping label for food complements
  • National toll-free number Listens to doping (France) 0800 15 2000
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