Preparation 16/11/2020

Tutto quello che c’è da sapere sulle iscrizioni all'UTMB® Mont-Blanc 2021 e 2022

Dopo un 2020 segnato dalla cancellazione della manifestazione, è tempo di guardare alla prossima edizione dell'UTMB® Mont-Blanc. ...

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Preparation 28/02/2020

Registrations: all you need to know for 2021

In April 2019, we announced a new, more flexible and open registration process to access the UTMB® races. This new system has been...

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Preparation 07/05/2019

Materiale obbligatorio 2019

A fine agosto, nel Pays du Mont-Blanc, il meteo può cambiare molto velocemente. Per voi, come per noi, è un fattore importante vis...

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Preparation 12/05/2017

L'Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® : Ma victoire sur la lombalgie

The book, L'Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc : ma victoire sur la lomblagie, has not been translated into English....

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Preparation 20/04/2017

Here is the first UTMB® Stories!

On August 1st at 6pm, more than one thousand runners will start running their first UTMB®. Steve will be one of these 45% of first...

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Preparation 04/04/2017

How to eat on a daily basis to be ready for UTMB® ?

Trail-running is a great way to escape our daily routine but we should not forget that this is an intense and stressful effort tha...

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Preparation 03/04/2017


In 2016, 42.5% of runners engaged in the UTMB® did not pass the finish line, which represents at least 1087 abandonments. And, amo...

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