Here is the first UTMB® Stories!

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On August 1st at 6pm, more than one thousand runners will start running their first UTMB®. Steve will be one of these 45% of firstly registered. In his classroom, with his blue tie, Steve does not look like a runner in full preparation for his first UTMB®. At the age of 37, he needed a new sporting challenge! While awaiting the next edition of UTMB® on the 1st of September 2017 in Chamonix, he’s stacking the hours of training in his busy professional and personal planning. A challenge in the challenge!

Eyes on the starting line of the UTMB®, Steve managed to reorganize his life around this race. He has three goals: gold, silver and bronze. "Bronze is to finish! Silver: be in the first half of the ranking. My personal gold prize? Finish in 27 hours ... 27 hours because after that it’ll be too late for my family to welcome for me on the finish line and I would love to live this unique moment with them!"

A fourth goal, which does not come in any kind of metal, reveals a more personal dimension of his quest: "there is an addictive element in the ultra-trail, that is the big question I ask myself and to which I still have no answer: how far can I push my body? How far can I go? The UTMB® is a test: my two legs, a fantastic tool, where will they take me?". We wish him a good training.  See you in september Steve!

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