Event 27/07/2021

Event 27/07/2021


30 days to go for the 18th edition of the UTMB® Mont-Blanc! This year, we are delighted to meet you from August 23rd to 29th in th...

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UTMB® Mont-Blanc: 30 days to go for the start of the 18th edition!

Good news, the UTMB® Mont-Blanc will take place this year. The event is scheduled to run from Monday 23rd to Sunday 29th August an...

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UTMB® International 19/07/2021

Val d'Aran by UTMB® debutta con successo in un weekend pieno di emozioni

Le montagne e i villaggi della Val d'Aran sono stati testimoni di un weekend storico, dal 9 all'11 luglio, con 3.116 corridori in ...

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UTMB® International 07/07/2021

Val d’Aran by UTMB® si prepara a ricevere 4000 corridori

Inizia il conto alla rovescia per l’edizione inaugurale della Val d’Aran by UTMB® – il nuovo evento di trial nel cuore dei Pirenei...

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UTMB® International 10/06/2021

Val d’Aran, the heart of the Pyrenees

There are many reasons why the Val d’Aran is so distinctive. It is known as the “valley of valleys”, since its own name, Aran, mea...

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UTMB® International 23/05/2021

Tragedy in Gansu: UTMB Group statement

We are saddened to hear of the tragedy that took place in a local 100km race in Gansu, in northern China yesterday, that resulted ...

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Event 21/05/2021


Abbiamo una grande notizia! Dopo l'ultimo annuncio del governo francese, siamo lieti di confermare che tutte le gare dell'UTMB® Mo...

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UTMB Group and The IRONMAN Group partner to launch the ground-breaking UTMB® World Series

UTMB Group – a major player in trail running which has led the sport’s development for the last 18 years – has joined forces with ...

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Event 22/04/2021

La terra, l'elemento essenziale del trail running

Il trail running è uno sport che invita chi lo pratica ad immergersi nella natura, nel territorio stesso. L'UTMB® lavora, fin dall...

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Event 15/04/2021

Svelato il poster dell'UTMB® Mont-Blanc 2021: Matthieu Forichon firma la tripletta!

L'UTMB® Mont-Blanc ha completato il suo trittico con il disegnatore di Lione Matthieu Forichon. Dopo aver iniziato una collaborazi...

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UTMB® International 02/04/2021

Registrations open for Thailand by UTMB® as the country prepares to welcome international visitors

The striking terrain of Thailand’s highest mountain, Doi Inthanon, will welcome international trail runners for the second edition...

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Event 24/03/2021

Les coureurs font don de 15 000€ aux écoles de l'Espace Mont-Blanc

Les coureurs inscrits en 2020 ont choisi de donner une partie du montant de leur inscription à la commission solidarité de l'UTMB®...

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UTMB® International 04/03/2021

UTMB Group helps runners to look ahead and prepare for the 2021 season

UTMB Group helps runners to look ahead and prepare for the 2021 season - Panda Trail by UTMB® launches waiting list for internati...

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Event 26/02/2021

UTMB® Mont-Blanc: bilancio delle iscrizioni

Un processo di iscrizione adattato Le iscrizioni per la prossima edizione dell'UTMB® Mont-Blanc sono ormai chiuse e segnano la fin...

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Dossards solidaires : plus que 90 places disponibles

Alors que la troisième phase d'inscription est prévue pour le 4 février, il ne reste que 90 dossards solidaires pour participer à ...

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Event 07/01/2021

UTMB® Mont-Blanc: registration is open

Everything’s ready for the 18th edition of the UTMB® Mont-Blanc. Registration will open in January, and will take place over 3 pha...

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UTMB® International 26/11/2020

Panda Trail by UTMB® celebrates successful first edition and induction into the Ultra-Trail® World Tour

Panda Trail by UTMB® provided an epic and unforgettable challenge for trail runners this weekend in China’s Sichuan province, earn...

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UTMB® International 18/11/2020

Panda Trail by UTMB® prepares to welcome 2,700 runners to the start line

The trails of the Qingcheng Mountain in China will welcome 2,700 runners this weekend at the first ever Panda Trail by UTMB®, the ...

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Preparation 16/11/2020

Tutto quello che c’è da sapere sulle iscrizioni all'UTMB® Mont-Blanc 2021 e 2022

Dopo un 2020 segnato dalla cancellazione della manifestazione, è tempo di guardare alla prossima edizione dell'UTMB® Mont-Blanc. ...

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UTMB® International 04/11/2020

Inaugural Thailand by UTMB® welcomes 1,500 runners

Thailand’s highest mountain, Doi Inthanon, was transformed into a trail-running mecca last weekend, 30 October -1 November, at the...

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Gaoligong by UTMB® postponed until 2022

The organizers of Gaoligong by UTMB®, Exploring Xingzhi Group, have announced the event, which was due to take place from 18-20 De...

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UTMB® International 28/10/2020

Val d'Aran by UTMB® 2021: registrati oggi stesso!

Cari corridori, cara comunità, Mentre l’UTMB® Group si prepara a ritornare in montagna con l’imminente organizzazione di Thailand...

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Event 20/10/2020

UTMB® Group ready to take to the mountains again

- The first ever Thailand by UTMB® to take place in less than 1 month, 30 October-1 November - Panda Trail by UTMB® to welcome 2,5...

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UTMB® for the Planet: una novità di successo

Titoli di coda per l’iniziativa digitale e solidale UTMB® for the Planet. Lanciato dopo la cancellazione dell'UTMB® Mont-Blanc, UT...

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UTMB® International 26/08/2020

Press release April 23, 2020 FR EN Val d'Aran by UTMB® s postponed to July 2021 The organisers of Val d’Aran by UTMB® have take...

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Community 21/08/2020

UTMB® for the Planet: grandi momenti in arrivo

Gli appassionati di trail e di corsa hanno solo 10 giorni per iscriversi alle quattro gare virtuali e alla decina di proposte dei ...

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Community 03/08/2020

UTMB® for the Planet unites the global trail community

Following the cancellation of the 2020 edition of UTMB® Mont-Blanc due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the UTMB® community has neverthel...

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Community 20/07/2020

UTMB® for the Planet, ci siamo!

Cari corridori, cara comunità, È ora possibileiscriversi alle 4 gare virtuali di UTMB® for the Planet e provare così a competere ...

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Community 23/06/2020

UTMB® for the planet, il vostro appuntamento digitale e solidale

Cari corridori, cara comunità, Dopo aver annunciato la cancellazione dell'edizione 2020 dell'UTMB® Mont-Blanc a causa della pande...

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Event 20/05/2020

UTMB® Mont-Blanc : la decisione che tutti voi stavate aspettando

Un messaggio da Catherine e Michel Poletti, fondatori dell'UTMB® Mont-Blanc Cari corridori, cara comunità, Vi ringraziamo per la ...

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Community 28/04/2020

Ruth Croft, uncontrollable

It's hard to find someone who can compete with Ruth as she always wins with flying colors. She is from New Zealand and currently l...

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UTMB® 2008

2008 · Youth takes the lead At just 20 years old, the youngest registered for the UTMB®, Kilian Jornet (ES), wins the race after ...

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Community 23/04/2020

Michel Lanne, the ibex of Aravis

Performing seriously without taking himself too seriously. That’s Michel Lanne in a nutshell. It is easy to appreciate this fine m...

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Event 21/04/2020

Un messaggio dell'organizzazione

Cara community, Ascoltiamo le vostre numerose domande sull'organizzazione dell'UTMB Mont-Blanc® 2020 e riteniamo che siano legitt...

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TDS® 2011

The 3rd edition of the TDS® In 2011, the weather is once again terrible, but the TDS®, the first race of the week, is spared and ...

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Community 15/04/2020

Mimmi Kotka, The Strong Swedish Woman

Mimmi is all about a big smile, all the time, on and off the trails. The Swede became famous in 2016 by winning the CCC®, finishin...

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Community 10/04/2020

Dmitry Mityaev, the Russian Titan

He became famous when he got the 3rd position in the 2018 TDS®: after a thrilling final part of the race, he finished 1 minute and...

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Community 05/04/2020

Audrey Tanguy, the Passionate runner

She became famous when she won the 2018 TDS®, a feat that she was able to repeat the following year on the 145km course. Since the...

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Community 31/03/2020

Hayden Hawks, the American Spirit

Fast, stylish and singular, Hayden Hawks is one of those fiery and enthusiastic American runners who have push the boundaries of t...

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Event 20/03/2020

COVID-19, update on the situation

Dear community, fellow runners, This is obviously a very challenging time for us all. We are thinking of all of you, citizens of t...

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Preparation 28/02/2020

Registrations: all you need to know for 2021

In April 2019, we announced a new, more flexible and open registration process to access the UTMB® races. This new system has been...

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UTMB® International 28/02/2020

Discover our latest by UTMB® event

The event will be based around the highest mountain in Thailand, Doi Inthanon in the Chiang Mai Province, and at 2,656 metres, it ...

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Event 26/02/2020

We reveal the 2020 poster

The UTMB® renews its collaboration with French illustrator Matthieu Forichon. After the 2019 colorful poster, in his typical style...

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Community 28/01/2020

Runner's questionnaire: the winners of the contest

Following the runners' questionnaire, a draw was held among the respondents. Here is the list of winners: Runner's questionnaire:...

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Update on registrations as of December 31, 2019

Good morning everyone, Here's an update on registration for the 2020 edition of the UTMB®. The UTMB® is now 372% full, there wil...

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Pau Capell and Courtney Dauwalter have been crowned 2019 champions of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour at an end-of-season awards cerem...

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UTMB® International 12/11/2019


UTMB® ha aumentato ulteriormente la propria presenza in Cina con il lancio del nuovo evento internazionale, il Panda Trail by UTMB...

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UTMB® International 10/10/2019


La registrazione rimane aperta per la 130 km, 50 km e distanze più brevi di OMAN da UTMB® che inizia il 28 novembre. L’anticipazi...

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Sport et Développement Durable

Flash Info Spécial ''Sport et Développement Durable'' Publication du Recueil d'initiatives des signataires des chartes des 15 enga...

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Event 16/08/2019

The Goal : To Travel Lightly

Transport: UTMB® mobilizing for the environment and for you. During race week, we have put in place an exceptional public transpo...

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Event 20/06/2019

UTMB® continues its commitment to the environment by partnering with WWF France

In 2017, the UTMB® organization committed itself alongside 19 other major organizers of sporting events, to uphold 15 ecological p...

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Registration is now open for China’s and Asia’s most eagerly awaited trail races

Registration is now open for China’s and Asia’s most eagerly awaited trail races Gaoligong by UTMB® 2020 Last year Gaoligong by ...

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Val d'Aran by UTMB®, il nuovo evento di trail-running nel cuore dei Pirenei.

Val d’Ara by UTMB®, il nuovo evento di trail-running nel cuore dei Pirenei. La prima edizione si terrà nel luglio 2020. Le date e...

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2019 Oman by UTMB®: le iscrizioni sono aperte e i posti sono in partenza veloce!

“Non dimenticherò mai questa gara. È stata un’esperienza davvero incredibile” Diego Pazos, 1° classificato a pari merito nella cat...

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Preparation 07/05/2019

Materiale obbligatorio 2019

A fine agosto, nel Pays du Mont-Blanc, il meteo può cambiare molto velocemente. Per voi, come per noi, è un fattore importante vis...

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Due to the wire maintenance work on the Flégère cable car, pedestrians, mountain bikes and all vehicles are not allowed to use the...

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Scopri il nuovo sistema d’iscrizione all’UTMB® Mont-Blanc !

Che lunga strada abbiamo percorso dalla prima edizione dell'UTMB® ! Eravate 700 pronti ad unirvi all'avventura nel 2003, 2000 due ...

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UTMB® International 26/03/2019

Ushuaia by UTMB® 2019 : the first figures before the event

With no available places left, registrationsfor Ushuaia by UTMB®, the 1st "by UTMB®" race in America, haveconcluded. Here you will...

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Event 06/02/2019

L'UTMB® rivela un post forte e inedito

Il poster dell'anno è stato svelato durante la giornata dei partner territoriali alla presenza dei rappresentanti delle municipali...

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Event 16/01/2019

UTMB®: ancora record di iscrizioni!

Con oltre 25.000 richieste, le gare dell'UTMB® hanno suscitato ancora una volta un grande entusiasmo. Tuttavia, per motivi di sicu...

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UTMB® International 08/01/2019

UTMB® International news

UTMB® Mont-Blanc The 2019 edition was launched with the opening of registrations (December 18th, 2018 – January 3rd, 2019) for th...

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Community 03/01/2019

We are preparing the 2019 UTMB® with our partners

Three months after the 2018 edition of the UTMB®, the organizing team of the Sommet Mondial du Trail had the pleasure of bringing ...

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UTMB® International 05/12/2018

First ever OMAN by UTMB® comes to a successful end

The route delivered every inch of the natural beauty and physical challenge promised. The runners took on the heights of Jebel Al ...

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Event 22/11/2018

TDS® 2019, un nuovo percorso

145 km e 9100 m D+: ancora più emozioni, ancora più sfide Alla scoperta del Beaufortain La 11esimaedizione della TDS® promette d...

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UTMB® International 02/11/2018

Registration for Ushuaia by UTMB® opens TODAY

For the first time in history, a trail running event of the UTMB® family will be hosted in South America. And it won´t be just any...

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Event 30/10/2018

La PTL® viste dall'interno

La PTL® (Petite trotte à Léon) è una delle gare dell’UTMB®. Il suo concetto originale e le sue specificità fuori norma la differen...

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Event 25/10/2018

Columbia renews its partnership with the UTMB® through 2021

The UTMB® is proud to announce that it has signed another three-year partnership with Columbia, the flagship brand in Columbia Spo...

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Community 18/10/2018

Portofolio : journée en l'honneur des bénévoles

Samedi 13 octobre 2018, sous un soleil radieux, l'organisation de l'UTMB® avait donné rendez-vous, aux Houches, à tous ses bénévol...

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Community 25/09/2018

A family affair

Photos © Jeremy Bernard It is a rare and somewhat exceptional event: two sons, one a professional and the other a semi-profession...

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UTMB® International 21/09/2018

Creation of USHUAIA by UTMB® in Argentina

Creation of USHUAIA by UTMB® in Argentina Among the South American countries present, Argentina has the most registered runners f...

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Event 10/09/2018

2018 UTMB® - Learning to expect the unexpected

The 16th edition of the UTMB® will go down in the history books of trail running. Several comebacks and the challenging weather co...

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UTMB® International 10/08/2018

OMAN by UTMB®proving extremely popular

The first ever OMAN by UTMB® event is proving a popular choice with the original 300 available places already sold out for the 29 ...

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Community 03/08/2018

Beyond ultra

The description is inspiring, extraordinary, daunting, mystifying… 300 kilometers… 5 days of racing for the fastest competitors… Y...

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Event 31/07/2018

The favorites for the 2018 UTMB®

A month before the event, the state of the favorites' level of fitness has become clearer so it is possible to reveal those who ar...

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Event 22/06/2018

The UTMB® an event involved in sustainable development

Following the engagements agreed in January 2017, within the framework of the GESI (Big International Sporting Events) charter, by...

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Event 11/06/2018

Remuneration for the UTMB® athletes: fair recognition

After having carried out a survey involving the 260 athletes who benefitted from the elite registration which was set up in 2016*,...

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UTMB® International 04/05/2018

Registrations for Oman by UTMB® are now open!

Registration opens on 4 May at 12:00 CET for the first ever OMAN by UTMB® event on 29 November 2018. The all-new OMAN by UTMB®even...

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Community 23/04/2018

Meet the solidarity runners

This year, 140 runners choose to participate in the World Summit of Trail Running as solidarity runners. They are between 26 and 6...

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UTMB® International 05/04/2018

Nouveautés UTMB® Mont-Blanc et UTMB® International

Le 4 avril à Paris, Une conférence de presse commune pour l’UTMB® Mont-Blanc et UTMB® International Le point presse annuel de l’U...

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UTMB® International 15/03/2018

Gaoligong By UTMB® : a showdown on the 3 races

The first edition of Gaoligong by UTMB® came to the end at 14:00 on Sunday the 11th of March. The race finish, historic South Silk...

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Event 28/02/2018

INNOVATION ! 40 km de festivités créés pour les bénévoles et les habitants locaux

Cette épreuve, la MCC est créée pour offrir une expérience de course festive, aux bénévoles, aux résidents de l’Espace Mont-Blanc ...

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Community 28/02/2018

Una nuova sfida per l’associazione “La Longue Route des Malades de la S.L.A (La Lunga Strada dei Malati di S.L.A.)”: il Tour du Mont-Blanc

Il prossimo 22 agosto, qualche giorno prima della partenza dell’UTMB®, una sfida unica e particolarmente simbolica partirà da Cham...

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UTMB® International 12/02/2018

Gaoligong by UTMB® is in a month!

The largest Chinese trail ultra will be held in a month. The organization can count on a booming local economy, remarkable histori...

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Community 03/01/2018

03/01/2018: aggiornamento iscrizioni

Buongiorno a tutti, Un piccolo aggiornamento sulle iscrizioni UTMB® 2018. - L'UTMB® ha raggiunto il 219% di candidati; circa 2 p...

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Community 27/12/2017

27/12/2017: aggiornamento iscrizioni

Buongiorno a tutti, Siete in tanti a voler partecipare ad una delle nostre gare, grazie per il vostro entusiasmo! Quali sono le t...

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Community 20/12/2017

20/12/2017: aggiornamento iscrizioni

Buongiorno a tutti, Un piccolo aggiornamento sulle iscrizioni UTMB® 2018. - L'UTMB® ha raggiunto il 147% di candidati; circa 1 p...

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UTMB® International 29/11/2017

Gaoligong by UTMB®: a special bonus !

The first by UTMB® event will be held on March 9 - 11 2018 in China, in the Gaoligong mountains which are situated in Yunnan provi...

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Event 03/09/2017

Battle of the titans around Mont-Blanc

The 15th edition of the UTMB® kept every one of its promises thanks to the unbridled enthusiasm and perseverance of the 8000 runne...

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Event 25/08/2017

L'UTMB®, 15 éditions déjà !

La cérémonie de célébration de la 15e édition de l'UTMB® aura lieu jeudi 31 août de 18h30 à 19h30 sur la place du Triangle de l'Am...

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Community 14/07/2017

4 experts predictions for UTMB®

This year, UTMB® will see the greatest gathering of top elite runners in its history. Kilian Jornet, Zach Miller, Luis Alberto Her...

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Preparation 12/05/2017

L'Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® : Ma victoire sur la lombalgie

The book, L'Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc : ma victoire sur la lomblagie, has not been translated into English....

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UTMB® International 28/04/2017

Creation of UTMB® International and GaoLiGong by UTMB®

AUTMB and OC Sport, two sports marketing companies specialising in outdoor events, today announced the joint creation of UTMB® Int...

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Preparation 20/04/2017

Here is the first UTMB® Stories!

On August 1st at 6pm, more than one thousand runners will start running their first UTMB®. Steve will be one of these 45% of first...

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Community 06/04/2017

US athletes' conquest of UTMB®

More than two hundred American runners are expected on UTMB® this year. A record of registrations that places the United States in...

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Event 05/04/2017

UTMB® seen by 5 photographers

For UTMB® blog launching we asked 5 photographers to share their views on the event. Spanish photographer Eduardo Castro, Japanese...

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Preparation 04/04/2017

How to eat on a daily basis to be ready for UTMB® ?

Trail-running is a great way to escape our daily routine but we should not forget that this is an intense and stressful effort tha...

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Preparation 03/04/2017


In 2016, 42.5% of runners engaged in the UTMB® did not pass the finish line, which represents at least 1087 abandonments. And, amo...

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