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Petzl: making sure you endure from dusk till dawn!

Headlamp creator and event partner since 2003, Petzl has a singular ambition: making sure everyone makes it all the way to the end of the adventure. For runners who need performance, comfort, and safety, as well as for those who provide them with support all throughout the night, Petzl offers a wide range of headlamps to experience every aspect of the race. Remember, the rules require that each runner carry 2 properly-working headlamps, with spare batteries or a spare rechargeable battery for each headlamp, for all nighttime races. So be sure to you plan ahead so that you are ready and relaxed on race day!

The performance KIT for runners: power, intelligence, and safety!

Stay focused on your race, start with confidence! Equipped with REACTIVE LIGHTING technology, the NAO® + and SWIFT® RL headlamps automatically adjust brightness and beam shape to the natural light available. Both rechargeable and programmable, you can monitor and adjust battery life and lighting power for each lamp in real time using the MyPetzl Light smartphone application. For a backup headlamp, the incredibly compact e+LITE® is ready and waiting in the event of an emergency. Peace of mind guaranteed and easy to use in a pinch!

NAO® + : 750 lumens

This is THE leading headlamp for trail runners for brightness and comfort, thanks to its battery belt and an extremely wide beam.

More information on the NAO® +

SWIFT® RL : 900 lumens

Compact, very powerful and rechargeable headlamp featuring REACTIVE LIGHTING® technology.

More information on the SWIFT® RL

e+LITE® : 50 lumens

Ultra-lightweight (26g!), keep this headlamp with you throughout the entire race!

More information on the e+LITE®

The ideal kit for companions: follow and cheer on your runner

Lightweight, compact, and easy to use, the ACTIK and BINDI headlamps are ideal for following and cheering on runners at night.

ACTIK : 300 lumens

A lightweight and easy to use headlamp for proximity lighting.

More information on the ACTIK

BINDI: 200 lumens

The BINDI, Petzl's new headlamp for 2018, fits in the palm of your hand. Rechargeable and extremely compact, it weighs only 35g.

More information on the BINDI


This protective carrying case doubles as a diffuser to turn any compact Petzl headlamp into a lantern.

More information on the NOCTILIGHT

Advice and shared experiences

Come by the Ultra-Trail® trade show in Chamonix, France, August 24-27, 2021. Need some pointers on how to use your headlamp or guidance choosing the best model for you? Stop by the Petzl booth at the Ultra-Trail® trade show and get help from the experts! A must-visit location to discuss and share your experiences with athletes present from Team Petzl.

We wish everyone a great race!

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