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Aiways, smart and responsible mobility

Aiways, a Chinese start-up created in 2017, started from a blank sheet of paper to reinvent clean and sustainable mobility. This is why we are proud of this partnership with the UTMB® Mont-Blanc, and to be able to reduce the organization's carbon footprint during the race. Because we believe in organising events with the utmost respect for the environment.

Over the last few months, when the world has stopped around us, we have appreciated the return of silence and nature. But we also realised how much we had missed freedom and mobility.

Since then, we have been working to make this possible: to offer solutions for mobility and pleasure in perfect harmony with nature.


The 100% electric SUV to take you everywhere 

Using an environmental friendly and quiet mode of travel to enjoy the full benefits of electric cars: that's what our 100% electric SUV was designed for.

In addition to its generous range (410 km according to WLTP standards), the Aiways U5 emits no CO2 (when driving). Just like its manufacturer, who is constantly introducing innovative technologies into its production processes.

An SUV with plenty of space

The battery and the range of the electric car must not, under any circumstances, leave the comfort of the passengers aside. After all, clean driving should always be synonymous with a comfortable journey. The Aiways U5 is a very spacious electric SUV, with five real seats and a deep boot with a  432L capacity and additional storage space.

Low the rear seats and you will have a volume of 1,555 litres. A space enough sufficient to load and carry your suitcases, musical instruments, surfboard, bike, boxes and of course your complete UTMB® Mont-Blanc trail gear.

AIWAYS and its teams wish you an excellent race !