Attention, the Health Pass is imposed in the UTMB® Bus. It will be checked when collecting the ticket at the Info Point & when boarding the buses when they cross a border. It is therefore imperative that all persons with a UTMB® Bus pass present themselves to collect their bracelet.
No bracelet will be issued without a valid health pass. No reimbursement can be obtained in case of non presentation of a person or a valid health pass.

Reservation of your bus tickets

Contact for the reservation
The use of your telephone number will be used only to inform you of any changes in the transportation plan.
Choice of formula Map of the bus lines here...
Price/Adult *
No. adults
No. children (-12 yo)
30 €
20 €
30 €
UTMB speedy line included
38 €
speedy line UTMB only access possible for the Contamines-Montjoie aid-station
10 €
18 €
15 €
UNLIMITED Pass unlimited access to all lines all week
45 €
* Family Offer: Free for children under 12 accompanied by a parent
Group offer: groups of 3 people (from 12 years old) and + benefit from a discount of 15%