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Plan International France is an independent international solidarity organisation, member of the Plan International network, which works to advance children's rights and equality between girls and boys.

Active since 1993, the NGO Plan International France is the reference actor in the fight for equality between girls and boys through education.
Children's rights, particularly those of girls, and gender equality are at the heart of our development and humanitarian programmes, our awareness-raising campaigns and our advocacy with policy makers. We work to ensure the active participation of children and young people in decisions that affect them in order to contribute to a more just world where the rights of all children are respected and fulfilled.

2020 Activity Report

Plan International France implements development and emergency programmes in 11 countries, fighting for children's rights and equality between girls and boys. In 2020, 496,450 children and young people benefited from our NGO's projects in the field.
More than children's rights, Plan International France has been a forerunner in the fight for the recognition of girls' rights. Years of advocacy with decision-makers led to the creation of the International Day for Girls' Rights, which now takes place every 11 October.

Find our activity report here !

Back to UTMB® 2021

For our NGO, the UTMB® 2021 was a wonderful sporting and human adventure. Coming from the four corners of the world, our runners Alan, Bram, Emmanuel, Javier, Katherine, Mads, Serge and Yasuo took up an extraordinary sporting challenge by wearing the colours of Plan International.
The Plan International France teams warmly thank the women and men who took part in the name of our organisation in this extraordinary competition to defend gender equality!

What the solidarity bibs finance :

Thanks to your commitment, you will help finance our priority development projects for education and vocational training. These projects are financed through our priority fund by donations from individuals and grants from public donors and private partners.
The Champions programme developed since 2020 in Guinea, Togo and Benin is a perfect example :

In order to fight against gender discrimination and support girls in their emancipation, Plan International France is developing this programme in collaboration with its local partners, AFD and FIFA to change the destiny of 5,390 children.

As with each edition of the UTMB® since 2017, the Plan International teams are touched by the courage and solidarity of the runners who have chosen to support our actions. We wish them all the best as they prepare for their future exploits.

Run for Plan International, support children's rights!

The history of Plan International
Plan International is an international NGO working in 52 developing countries to help children and promote gender equality.

Contact for solidarity numbers :
+33 (0)6 17 06 47 42

Your donations are tax deductible: If you are an individual, you benefit from a tax reduction equal to 66% of your donation within the limit of 20% of your taxable income. If your donations in any one year exceed this limit, you can carry the excess over to the next 5 years. If you are a company, you benefit from a reduction in your corporation tax or income tax equal to 60% of your donation up to a limit of 4% of your turnover.