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Check my Running Stones and UTMB® Index

This tool helps you check your UTMB® Index and Running Stones, as well as their dates of validity.

UTMB points are no longer used to qualify for the UTMB® races for 2023 onwards. Please see our 2023 registration page for more information : UTMB® CCC® OCC registrations - TDS® PTL® MCC and YCC registrations

If a race in which you have competed in the last 24 months is not included in the list below, there are several possible reasons:

  • The race has not requested to be a UTMB World Series Qualifier (you can check on our list of qualifying races here). In which case we suggest that you contact the race organizer and ask if they have requested to have their race added to the list.

  • The organizer has not submitted their results to, so we cannot assign the result to your profile. In this case, we suggest that you contact the race organizer and ask if the submission of results is underway.

  • There is an error in the information provided in your result, which has resulted in a new profile being created or the result given to another runner. Possible reasons include an error in the spelling of your name / birthdate. In this case we ask you to create a runners account on When you log in you will find information in the FAQ/HELP section on how to merge multiple profiles or add results given to the wrong runner. Requests made using the website are managed must faster than request made via email.
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