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Coaching RunMotion Coach

Coaching avec RunMotion Coach

Have you registered for one of the 2021 UTMB® races: UTMB® , CCC® , TDS® , OCC, MCC or PTL® ? 

Set within the spectacular scenery of Mont Blanc, UTMB® races are demanding physical challenges.
Success in these races requires specific training. Good preparation is essential, whether your goal is simply to reach the finish line or you want to hit your target time.
A structured training plan, with sessions adapted to your schedule and training environment (city, road, mountain, etc.), will be indispensable in helping you to reach your goal. Put the odds in your favour with a tailored training programme and advice from the official coach of UTMB®: RunMotion Coach. RunMotion Coach is the leading French coaching app.

Based in the Alps, the company was founded by top-level coaches and athletes.
RunMotion Coach's expertise lies in its scientific approach and the unique opportunity it provides to interact with a virtual coach.
RunMotion Coach will give you the motivation and personalised training programme you need to get you ready for your UTMB® race.

Take advantage of our exclusive offer, in partnership with UTMB®:


RunMotion Coach Free 

RunMotion Coach Premium 




Tailor-made training plan 



• Your tailor-made training plan: road and trail 



• Prepare several objectives (intermediate and long-term) at the same time 



• Receive your training paces based on your race results 



• The algorithm recalculates your training plan every week (schedule, shape, ...) 



• Find the level of your aerobic speed and your endurance index (scientific study) 



Synchronization of other services 



• Retrieve and analyze your sessions saved on Strava, Garmin, Suunto, Polar 



• Export your RunMotion Coach sessions to your Google Calendar 



• Export your RunMotion Coach sessions to your Garmin watch 



Advice, motivation, and additional services 



• Choose from positive, authoritarian or philosophical coaches 



• Motivational messages from your digital coach 



• Specific tailored advice: training, recovery, race management, etc. 



• Nutritional advice 



• Strength & Conditioning sessions (S&C) 



Have a good workout!

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