UTMB® Privacy Policy

The original version of this document (UTMB® privacy policy) is in French. In the event of inconsistency or discrepancy between the French version and any of the other linguistic versions of this policy, the French version shall prevail.

The UTMB is organized by the company Autour du Mont-Blanc SARL (SIRET 452 633 365 00021 ; 36 avenue du Savoy 74400 Chamonix ) and the Association les Trailers du Mont-Blanc (association Loi 1901 registered in the Journal Officiel on 29/11/2003 with number 1627, Club FFA n°074060).This privacy policy describes the processing of registration data during your participation in the UTMB as a runner, accompanying person or volunteer.
The company Autour du Mont-Blanc gives great importance to the protection of personal data and implements the most appropriate tools and procedures to guarantee their security.

Registration as runners for one of the UTMB® races

We collect data when you register for one of the UTMB® races as part of your participation in an international sports event that requires certain information about the participants for the smooth-running of the event and everybody’s safety.

These data are collected via the registration platform set up by Livetrail SARL, on behalf of the company Autour du Mont-Blanc, organizer of the UTMB® and responsible for data processing. The registration data are accessible to the managers and employees of Autour du Mont-Blanc, who are authorized to manage the organization of the UTMB® event. These people must respect a confidentiality clause in their contract.

The runner's data is kept in the database for 10 years. This period is renewable at each registration and corresponds to the legal data retention period of the medical and non-contraindication to the practice of athletics or running in competition certificate, or the sports card. During this period, Autour du Mont-Blanc must be able to contact the runner for any question relating to his certificate or sports card.

Beyond these 10 years, and unless the runner authorizes the organization to keep his/her data, all data are deleted except the runner's surname, first name, date of birth, gender and nationality to maintain the rankings.

This data collection is justified by:

  • The need to identify each participant individually and with certainty (via a surname, first name, date of birth, gender and nationality), in order to ensure his/her safety, to control the qualifying races that he/she has finished and to establish reliable sports rankings.
  • The need to be able to contact the participant to provide him/her with any information related to his/her participation in the event, before, during and after the race. As part of the organization of the event, Autour du Mont-Blanc may contact a runner by telephone, email or mail.
  • The need to identify an emergency contact to ensure the runner's safety or to obtain any information that may be useful when providing medical care during the competition.

These data are processed in the following ways and for the following reasons:

  • To allow each competitor to access his/her runner's space and benefit from all the services related to registration for the event.
  • Management of registrations for a sports competition (validation of information necessary for participation, payment, management of mandatory documents).
  • Check of the participation in qualifying races
  • Sending emails and answering to runners' requests via the Buzzee CRM.
  • Sending newsletters. This information is necessary for the smooth running of the event and the safety of the participants. They are therefore mandatory for all runners.
  • Sending marketing newsletters, on behalf of our partners, to participants. This information is optional and each runner can (when registering or by logging in to his runner space) accept or refuse these emails.
  • Creating a list of runners that can be consulted on the utmbmontblanc.com website, printed and displayed at the race bibs distribution. This list includes names, first names, bib numbers and clubs of the participants.
  • Designing and printing the race bibs necessary to identify runners during their race.
  • Chronometric race monitoring during the event on utmb.livetrail.net and utmbmontblanc.com, by the audience or race and medical headquarters.
  • Performing activities during the event with our partners
  • Creation and publication of rankings and transmission of results to the International Trail Running Association (ITRA), the French Athletics Federation (FFA) and the Ultra-Trail® World Tour (UTWT).

Some processing of personal data is carried out with external organizations which have their own area of expertise and are necessary to accomplish certain important tasks for the organization of the event:

  • The company Estimprim which is in charge of printing the race bibs. The following personal data are transmitted: surname, first name, date of birth, nationality
  • The association Athletes For Transparency: the association has set up a “health space” in which runners can declare certain treatments or pathologies. Autour du Mont-Blanc deals with this company to determine if its participants have a “health space” and if it provides medical information that could influence any care during a rescue. At no time does Autour du Mont-Blanc have access to the medical information itself, which is only available to race doctors during the event. The following data are transmitted: surname, first name, date of birth, gender, nationality, email address. These data are processed and transmitted only to determine whether or not participants have a “health space”. They are not processed in any other way.
  • The International Trail Running Association (ITRA) for the publication of rankings and the awarding of ITRA points required for registration in one of the UTMB® races for the following years. The following data are transmitted: surname, first name, date of birth, gender, nationality.
  • Commercial partners for the implementation of activities during the event. The following data are transmitted: family name, first name, race bib number and email address.
  • Livetrail for race management and ranking

Data are only transmitted to these companies within the mission they carry out for Autour du Mont-Blanc, organizer of the UTMB®. Under no circumstances does Autour du Mont-Blanc authorize these organizations to use these data for any other purpose.

Any misuse of these data by these third-party organizations cannot be the responsibility of Autour du Mont-Blanc.

Special registrations via solidarity bibs

Runners can choose to register for one of the races by making a donation to a UTMB® partner association. In this case, Autour du Mont-Blanc transmits the following information (necessary for the communication between the concerned association and the runner) to the association concerned: name, first name, country, email and telephone.
Under no circumstances does Autour du Mont-Blanc authorize these organizations to use this data for any other purpose. Any misuse of this data by these third-party organizations cannot be the responsibility of Autour du Mont-Blanc.

Supporter’s space

Anyone can create a supporter’s space on the website www.utmbmontblanc.com, thus having access to documents provided by the organization and giving useful information about the organization of the event.
The following information is requested: surname, first name, nationality, date of birth, telephone number, email, address, surname and first name of the runner being monitored.
This collection is justified by the need to identify the supporter and to be able to transmit to him/her all the information necessary for the service he/she requests (his/her supporter will receive the same emails and sms which are sent to runners so that they can be able to follow them in the best possible way).

SMS service

Anyone can subscribe to a specific SMS service from Livetrail, a service provider for Autour du Mont-Blanc, during the UTMB® races. This is information concerns the timing of the monitored runner at certain points of the race. Only the telephone number is collected (as well as the bib number of the runner being monitored). Some volunteers have exceptional access to this information for the management and marketing of this service during the event. They undertake to respect all the confidentiality rules communicated by Autour du Mont-Blanc.
No further processing is done on this data.

Transport reservation

Autour du Mont-Blanc offers a transport service dedicated to anyone who wishes to follow the races. When registering for this service, the following personal data is requested: surname, first name, date of birth and email address.
This collection is justified by the need to identify each owner of a transport ticket and to verify that he/she is old enough to use the transport service.
This data is not processed in any other way than for the purpose of managing the reservation. It is processed internally and is not transmitted to the transport service provider.

Volunteer data

The information collected is subject to a treatment intended to inform you about the race and your missions, to carry out your planning and to contact you. The registration as a volunteer on the UTMB therefore entails acceptance of technical emails and information necessary for the proper knowledge of the event and the execution of your mission, during the year of your registration as a volunteer.

The email address can also be used within five years after the registration as a volunteer for volunteer calls for new editions of the UTMB Mont-Blanc. The phone numbers of some volunteers can be included in a directory distributed only internally within the Organizing Committee to facilitate communications within the organization.

Overall, the data is only used by members linked to the organization of the UTMB as part of the management of volunteers: members of the association "Les Trailers du Mont-Blanc", employees of the company Autour of Mont-Blanc, volunteers and providers of the event. In no case, these data are transmitted to third parties for any other reason not related to the organization of the event (except legal).

To validate their registration as a volunteer, minors must send an authorization from their legal representative in the form: "I, the undersigned XXX, the legal representative of child XXX, authorize him to participate as a volunteer at UTMB Mont-Blanc , having read the conditions of participation and the privacy policy of the volunteers consultable on the site of the event ".

The data is kept for a period of five years from the registration edition as a volunteer. This period is renewable for each new participation.

You have the right to access, rectify or delete information concerning you. You can also, for legitimate reasons, oppose the processing of data concerning you.

These requests can be made by:

Cookies :

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Data access - Information - Complaints

Anyone may have access to and manage the personal data concerning him/her on his/her personal space accessible from the following link: https://utmbmontblanc.com/fr/page/172/membre.html

Any request for data explaination, access, modification or cancelation, that can't be made on the personal space, can be made: :

  1. By mail to the following address :


Autour du Mont-Blanc

36 avenue du Savoy

74400 Chamonix

  1. By e-mailing the following address : dpo@utmbmontblanc.com

Any request for access, personal data modification or cancellation will be processed as soon as possible and within a maximum period of 1 month from the moment the request has been received.

You have the right to file a complaint with the CNIL (https://www.cnil.fr).


Changes to our privacy policy

Our privacy policy may evolve to meet legal obligations or improve its content in order to keep you better informed of data processing. Any updates will be made on this page. Last updated on March 8th, 2019