Fondation de l’Académie de Médecine (FAM)

Fondation Greffe de Vie
The Foundation Transplant for Life

Approved by the state in 2005, la Fondation Greffe de Vie works to promote organ donation and transplants.
Its objectives are to inform the French and their heighten awareness about organ donation, to revitalize transplantation activity and to improve patients’ lives.

By running for the Fondation Greffe de Vie, you may actively contribute to its missions :

  1. To equip hospitals with specialised equipment   
    In 2007 the Fondation Greffe de Vie helped set up the programme «Coeur Arrêté» (Stopped Heart) by supplying hospitals with specialised machines (pulsing machines and massage boards). This equipment improves transplant processes and saves lives daily. Today, this mission has become our priority: we have the aim of supplying a machine to each health establishment which asks for one. 
  2. Spread the « culture of donation »
    This is, in our view, the most effective way of making the general public aware of all the types of donation (cordon blood, blood, platelets, plasma, bone-marrow, organs). So, the association «Don de Vie» started by the Fondation Greffe de Vie, the Laurette Fugain association and the Grégory Lemarchal association, was awarded the label «Grande Cause Nationale» (Big National Cause) in 2009. These three groups launched a website in 2010 aimed at those in their last years of schooling in order to spread the culture of donation within an entire age group. 
  3. To freely distribute the « Passeport de Vie » (Passport for life)
    It is a set of cards, the principal card of which should be personalized and kept on one’s person and other cards given to friends and relations informing them of one’s decision.
    Distributed on-line on the site, the Passeport de Vie, the card saying “donneur d’organes” (organ donor), offers one the advantage of being able to tell one’s acquaintances about their position towards organ donation. Adopted by the Biomedicine Agency as a national standard, the Passeport de Vie is a purely informative card whose aim is to instigate discussion amongst the family.

Fasten your trainers and come and run for the Fondation Greffe de Vie!

To reserve a solidarity race-bib with Greffe de Vie, contact :
Cédric Emile - +33 1 45 78 50 80 -

Upon reception of your donation, la Fondation Greffe de Vie will send you a receipt allowing you to deduct 66 % of your donation from your tax, within the limits of 20 % of your income. If you represent a company, the fiscal receipt will allow you to deduct from your IS 60 % of the amount of the donation.

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