Stop poverty escalating : run with Frères des Hommes !

By wearing a Frères des Hommes unity bib, you will be supporting long term projects that aim to help train those who come from the most impoverished populations in the world to gain employment and organise themselves collectively.

Who are Frères des Hommes ?


A French NGO focussed on development in the most impoverished areas in the world through the medium of formalised training.

  • Our areas of intervention :
    Africa (Rwanda, Senegal, RD Congo), Asia (India, Indonesia), Latin America (Peru, Brazil), the Caribbean (Haiti).
  • Our mode of action :
    Partnership with local organisations in each country.
  • Our method of action :
    Training adults.
  • Our areas of action :
    Agriculture, social and solidarity economy and the defence of basic human rights.
  • Our policy :
    Non-denominational association, independent of any political party and union.
  • Our transparency :
    ‘Confidence donation’ label, accounts audited annually by an independent auditor.

Frères des Hommes and the UTMB®

  • Shared values :
    Solidarity, perseverance, determination and engagement.
  • One community :
    Since 2012, 29 runners, from all four corners of the globe, have made the choice to engage with us and to start the UTMB with a Frères des Homme solidarity bib.

Stop poverty escalating : run with Frères des Hommes !

Runners' contact
Bénédicte ROGET
Frères des Hommes /
tel : +33 (0)1 55 42 62 63
Whatsappmobile: +33 (0)6 24 75 21 6

To know all about  Frères des Hommes :

After the reception of your donation, we will send you  a tax receipt which will allow you a 66% reduction of the tax on your donation, within the limit of 20% of your revenue.