UTMB® International

In 15 years, UTMB® has become a “must-do” international event known as the ‘World’s Summit of Trail Running’. Its unique expertise inspires many organisers especially in countries or continents new to the sport.
UTMB® International was created to speed up and control the international development of the UTMB® brand, and work with events organisers from all over the world.

UTMB® International’s ambition is to contribute in the next 10 years to the birth of major and popular trail running events organised with very high quality standards, in every continents. Improving the runners’ safety will remain a top priority as well as the quality of the “journey” offered to runners and their supporters.

UTMB® International will work with professional and independent events organisers to be certain that the local territories’ knowledge and authenticity will remain unspoilt. UTMB® International will advise and grant up to five ‘by UTMB®’ labels to events meeting requirements on every continent.
Each event will have to be organised in a mountainous environment and be based around an iconic and easily accessible location with high quality facilities. To meet the requirements, events must also offer different race formats (including a 100-mile distance) to attract thousands of participants every year from around the world.


Next stop, OMAN by UTMB® on November 29, 2018

The journey continues with the launch of OMAN by UTMB®, the second event to receive support from UTMB® International in 2018 and organized by Oman Sail. The first UTMB® event in the Middle East, OMAN by UTMB®, explores the incredible terrain of the Hajar Mountains, including a section near Jebel Akhdar. An easy flight from Europe or Asia, Oman is one of the top 4 safest countries in the world according to the World Economic Forum, and along with the capital city of Muscat, is considered a must-visit destination by National Geographic and Lonely Planet.

Michel Poletti, Founder and Technical Director for the UTMB®,was involved in designing the 137 km and 7800m vertical gain course. "I had never before run in a place like Oman. The landscapes are truly spectacular, the mountains incredible, and the people so friendly and welcoming. I took the time to travel through Oman, and the country has a lot to offer visitors."



Creation of USHUAIA by UTMB® in Argentina

For the first edition of USHUAIA by UTMB®, from April 5-7, 2019, runners will explore the wilderness trails of Tierra del Fuego, a province located at the southern tip of Argentinian Patagonia.The event will offer several distances to run:
- 130 km / 8200 meters of vertical gain
- 70 km / 5400 meters of vertical gain
- 50 km / 3000 meters of vertical gain
- 35 km / 2400 meters of vertical gain

Each challenging course winds its way through the incredibly beautiful and wild landscapes that trail runners worldwide dream of - subantarctic forests, glaciers, lagoons, ridge crests, and rivers - in a sometimes thrilling natural environment where one often experiences all four seasons in a single day.

Rémi Duchemin, CEO of UTMB® International: "It's so exciting to organize a breathtaking ultra distance race where the vast, high-mountain, alpine landscape plunges straight down into a unique stretch of water where the Atlantic and Pacific oceans meet. Being in one of the most remote corners of the planet is more than a simple marketing claim since no other international sporting event has ever set foot here".

Registrations are only via the Internet since November 2018. They close on March 2019 (or else, when the places available for each distance of this edition are completed).


GAOLIGONG by UTMB®, see you in 2020 for the 2nd edition

Local authorities have provided their stamp of approval for the event's 2nd edition, which will be held from March 21-23, 2020. In the meantime, Xingzhi Exploring Group and the UTMB® organizationl will get right to work promoting GAOLIGONG by UTMB® 2020's four race distances: MGU (160 km), RCE (125 km), THT (55 km), and the all-new TCZ (30 km).

Ma Lin - Pavel Toropov, co-race directors of Gaoligong by UTMB®: "In 2018 we established GAOLIGONG by UTMB® as both a national and worldwide brand, putting this untouched, uniquely beautiful part of China on the tourist and trail running map. Next year we will work on improving the race course to make the 2020 event one of the world's 'must-do' ultras, and continue building the legacy of GAOLIGONG by UTMB®."

Registration for the 2020 GAOLIGONG by UTMB® will open on March 20, 2019.



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