A Chacun Son Everest ! is a non-profit organization founded in 1994 by Doctor Christine Janin, the First French woman who climbed Mount Everest, 8848m.

A Chacun Son Everest ! was built on the parallel between the challenge of climbing a mountain, and the path to recover from cancer.

Our organization, based in Chamonix, takes care of children with cancer or leukemia and women suffering from breast cancer during the tough stage of recovering. Our stays, entirely carried by the organization, are intended to help them « to get better » through the ascension of “their Mount Everest”. Since 1994, 4676 children and 1500 women have been welcomed. So many moments of pride, emotion and victory at the summit...

Our main goal is to give sick children and women the opportunity of a full physical and psychological recovery during a free week in Chamonix.

The week long course in Chamonix allows them :
- to regain confidence in their bodies and theirs capacities,
- to share this experience with others going through the same experience,
- to rebuild their self-respect,
- to realize that they have within them unsuspected qualities such as courage,  willingness,  determination,  hope and desire...qualities of great champions.

Thanks to the solidarity runners to your engagement and support ! Wear a solidarity race-bib for A Chacun Son Everest ! is a true message of courage and surpassing yourself which you give to these children and women. We would be very happy to welcome you to our house to share a great moment with the children and our team. With your support, we can organize 25 weeks stays of fully supported by A Chacun Son Everest !.


"Thank you for the boost! I leave with my wings spread and ready to devour life to the fullest. Keep transmitting this dynamic. Thank you for making my future light..." Solange

" You really marked my life and helped me to free myself from the "sick Aya", all the time tired. You have transformed me into a mountaineer of life, and you have transformed my way of seeing the world." Aya


Runners's feelings

"Honestly, the support for the Association is mutual: during hard times and doubt I thought a lot about children. They are the ones who allowed me to find the strength and catch up on the clock. Thank you again! What a crazy week!  Nicolas UTMB® finisher.

We had the chance to see Charlène, one of our supportive runners, represent the Association alongside Christine Janin in the LCI report: https://www.lci.fr/replay/vis-leurs-vies-du-dimanche-22-septembre-2019-2132848.html.


Join the team  of solidarity bibs.
Give an even stronger meaning to your challenge and get involved with us !

To discover our association, visit our website: www.achacunsoneverest.com 

Contact for solidarity race-bibs
Léa VINAY - chamonix@achacunsoneverest.com
+33 (0)4 50 55 86 97

You will benefit from an income tax reduction of 66% of your donation up to an annual limit of 20% of your net taxable income and, if you are a company, a corporate tax reduction of 60% of its amount up to a limit of 5 per thousand of the turnover excluding tax.