The "PAGALA" Association is a general interest humanitarian organization created in 2013. During a mountain bike ride in TOGO, a group of sportsmen from the Mont-Blanc region discovered the village of PAGALA in the middle of the bush and decided to help its orphanage and its hospital.


2013-2017 were exclusively dedicated to renovating the orphanage and supporting orphans in their schooling, nutrition and health and helping the hospital through pro-bono consultations by 2 doctors and 1 nurse of the association; the provision of examination equipment, first aid equipment, assistance to the most destitute children thanks to solidarity donations and donations of products for emergency care. In collaboration with Electriciens Sans Frontières, we have completely renovated the existing installations in the 12 buildings


2018 : the association broadens its actions: first actions to renovate schools in deprived areas, while continuing to help orphans and patients in Pagala. Support for the schooling of children from disadvantaged neighborhoods in Lomé.

2019 : We have donated the proceeds from our 6 solidarity race bibs for the construction of two classrooms in the village of DAVEDI.

Noepe, two preparatory classes November 2019

We continue to support some orphans who are in secondary school and who have been abandoned by social structures (schooling, housing, food); We are supporting a healthcare structure as well in Lomé, without forgetting about the patients of Pagala.



Our association operates with 5 volunteers in France and 2 representatives in Togo. The solidarity bibs of the UTMB constitute the main part of our donations, and this money is entirely invested in our projects on site. We have been collaborating with the UTMB for more than 12 years now, through our doctors and other members volunteering on the event at the aid stations.

The trail running world is totally familiar to us, we are all mountain athletes, hence a privileged contact with the runners who choose to support us.


We get the impression that runners from all over the world are proud of helping deprived children in Africa. They choose our association for our volunteer work, they relate to the concrete and punctual aspect of our actions. They can even mentally connect with them during the race…they say it’s what keeps them going when the desire to abandon the race gets strong!

2020: Our local representatives discovered NOEPE, a village where the Apatam - a kind of courtyard - which houses 4 classes is about to collapse because of the rains and termites that are eating away at wooden structures. With the remaining funds from previous years, we have launched the construction of a building measuring 18x17 meters and housing 2 of the 4 classrooms, and we have no doubt that someone will want to add their bricks to the building of the remaining 2 classes in time for the start of the 2020 school year... it is their contribution to the education of deprived children!








We regularly go on site for volunteering missions and to monitor how the donated money is used.
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Contacts :
Mr D. PADOVAN - 20 r. vve Grosset - 74700 Sallanches - France

Soutien Orphelinat Pagala 2016 par UltraTrailMontBlanc