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LIZIBA means SOURCE in Lingala, which is one of the four national languages of DR Congo. It is the name of a project which finances access to drinkable water in the region of Bulape (Kasai, 40'000 inhabitants). LIZIBA is also the name of the association we founded in 2004 in Vollèges. The association is recognized as a charitable association by the Canton du Valais, with which it collaborates.

Notre objectif est d’offrir un accès facilité à l’eau potable à la population. L’eau existe en abondance, mais il faut aller la chercher trop loin, aux sources, à la périphérie de la ville et parcourir plus de 6 km ! Imaginez ce que signifie de transporter 25 litres d’eau sur la tête plusieurs fois par pour les besoins de sa famille…


Activity report 2019

2019 was a turning point. We have not been able to continue with the planned construction of cisterns for many reasons, including the lack of technical equipment in this rural area far from urban centers and the difficulty of finding sufficient rainwater harvesting areas.

On the other hand, we have studied the feasibility of a drilling project. Water is abundant but - despite the natural springs that have been developed - access is extremely difficult. This project – if successful - would be a spectacular step forward for the comfort and food security of the population of the entire city, who would no longer have to go far away to draw water (about 1h30 walk).

In order to move forward with this project, it was necessary for three delegates of the LIZIBA Switzerland Association to travel to Bulape. The trip took place in July 2019. Discussions and negotiations were carried out both with a competent technical partner (GETRACO) and with local authorities and population groups.

In addition, we were able to

  • strengthen our network to access natural water sources
  • broaden the spectrum of our socio-economic activities stimulating the creation of agricultural (small cooperatives) and tourist (rental) activities
  • improve the skills of our management on site
  • push women to create innovative projects
  • create leaders committees in the communities around Bulape
  • strengthen our relationship with the local authorities.

LIZIBA and the UTMB®: a partnership that is a "source of life"

For the past 7 years, we've been part of the UTMB®...however, it took us a few editions to feel more and more "at home" at UTMB® events! Our links with the organization have become warmer and stronger with each edition: this is a great gift...

The LIZIBA Committee appreciates the possibility of sending its volunteers in different places: Orsières, Champex, Chamonix...

For LIZIBA Switzerland, each edition of the UTMB® is an adventure: what will happen this year? What new encounters are awaiting us? How can we get closer to our solidarity runners? What can we offer them so that they feel the strength of the cause they support? Sometimes, we are just trying to find our place...

For this 8th year of partnership, we are delighted to be able to get even closer to the fascinating world of trail running, of competition in solidarity and human achievement.

We showed some videos of the UTMB® to the people of Bulape... You should have seen them shouting and being surprised: "These people running in the mountains, they run in the sky... so that the water flows here, in our country! »

Our 2021 project: drilling wells for safer access to drinkable water

Description: Bulape's ground is full of water. However, it currently takes about 1h30 to draw water from the natural springs on the outskirts of the town and transport it to the houses. We would like to drill wells in Bulape to offer an easier access to the entire population.

Partners: The company GETRACO has the skills, technical knowledge and expertise to accomplish this mission hand in hand with LIZIBA Switzerland. Our sister association Mwengw'a Tshiambi has the socio-political ability to carry out the dialogue with the population and the local authorities.

Timeline: To date, we believe there is plenty of water below Bulape. We are continuing to study the feasibility with our technician, our partner GETRACO and the University of Neuchâtel (CH) and we are trying to check with them whether the presence of drinkable water in the geological subsoil of the town is actually real.

In the months to come, GETRACO will carry out a first drilling which will allow to know in detail the structure of the subsoil.

Through 2020, we will probably gain a deeper technical and geological understanding of the water-bearing stratum of Bulape. As soon as our finances allow for it, we will send GETRACO's equipment on site to carry out the drilling and the other works related to pumping, storage and water distribution. GETRACO will ensure for us the realization of the works, the follow-up and the training of the people in charge on site who will be collaborating with our partner association.

We hope to be able to raise a sum of about 150'000 CHF as soon as possible to finance this ambitious but achievable project.

Once again, the UTMB® offers us the chance of a serious and successful partnership that allows us to hope for the realization of our development project. A huge THANK YOU.

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