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So that poverty does not reach the top,
run with Frères des Hommes!

Wearing a solidarity bib with Frères des Hommes means supporting long-term projects that train the most disadvantaged populations in the world in a profession and organize themselves into groups.

Who are we ?

Founded in 1965, Frères des Hommes is an international solidarity association, which is secular, apolitical and recognised to be of public utility. The projects carried out with our partner organisations aim at supporting the training of vulnerable populations to allow them to reach economic and social empowerment, and at transforming society both collectively and responsibly.

Frères des Hommes is currently developing projects in six countries (Haiti, Rwanda, Senegal, Peru, Democratic Republic of the Congo and India), in collaboration with eight local partners.

Our action is guided by three principles :

  • adapting so as to meet the populations' needs ;
  • fighting against the causes of poverty by investing in training ;
  • ensuring the sustainability of our actions by consolidating our expertise and our intervention methods.

We partner with civil society organisations for the development of our projects and specifically for their implementation in the field. These projects got off the ground thanks to the donors' generosity and the financial support of public organisations or foundations.

Our partnership with UTMB since 2012 and the mobilisation of solidarity race-bibs already contributed to the implementation of various activities for the benefit of the populations we support.

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2020 - 2021 : Focus on the main ongoing and forthcoming activities

Provision of support to vulnerable women in Peru
- Training: dozens of women are learning a trade in various sectors (chocolate industry, shoemaking, construction and electricity) in order to launch a business and generate their first income.
- Organisation: about a hundred craftswomen are being supported by our local partner and display their products during craft fairs.
- Action: marches are organised to fight against gender inequalities and promote local crafts.


Reinforcement of farmer families' organisation in Senegal
- Training: 200 farmers are being trained to better understand the relationships within rural communities. The objective is to ensure the community's unity and commitment.
- Organisation: each village develops collective activities according to its means (cultivating collective fields, managing granaries and cereal banks, livestock farming, etc.) and receives small amounts of money to launch businesses.
- Action: farmer families create around ten activities on topics that are crucial to the communities, like healthcare, environment, laws and access to land.

Sharing knowledge in Rwanda
- Training: the farmers trained in turn become trainers and share the knowledge they gained. Besides, the farmers pass down part of their livestock to two other families, to make sure the project benefits other farmer families.
- Organisation: through virtual parliaments and consultation structures with the authorities and local players, the farmers, left on the margin of society, can share their ideas and regain self-assurance.
- Action: organisation of exchange days bringing together farmers and employees from health centres, schools and local authorities. These meetings allow the farmers and the local players to carry out around fifteen initiatives to meet the farmer families' and their communities' needs.


Supporting undervalued women in DR Congo
- Training: 50 women are being trained as dressmakers and dyers. They work with sewing machines, dyeing sets (fabrics, dye, gloves, etc.) and receive financial support to rent their collective production workshops. 
- Organisation: in Bukavu, a community radio channel broadcasts programs promoting events on gender equality, entrepreneurship and combatting violence against women.                       
- Action: we created tools to track and analyse the changes in the lives of the women involved in the project. Example: the "esteemometer" that measures each women's self-esteem before and after being trained.


Fostering the farmer's empowerment in Haiti
- Training: farmer families receive support to change their methods in terms of agroecology and share their new skills with the community.
- Organisation: around 200 farmers are being trained on group facilitation and topics such as roles and responsibilities, financial management and conflict management. These activities help strengthen the farmers' collective organisation.
- Action: the farmers and their community are implementing 36 environmental protection citizen activities.


>> For more information on Frères des Hommes, visit our website (in French):

A look back at the 2019 edition of the UTMB®. A few words from Frères des Hommes...

Our feelings in a few keywords:

"Relationships" over the years, we have built strong relationships with the runners wearing our solidarity race-bibs. For example, three runners who supported us in 2018 decided to trust us again this year and requested new race-bibs. We are grateful for their trust.

"Support" whether before or during the race, the UTMB® Commission for Solidarity remained extremely available, friendly and responsive, thus offering Frères des Hommes and our runners an easy and incredibly human experience!

"Challenge" offering our volunteers the possibility to live a powerful experience by running the MCC represents an amazing initiative. Frères des Hommes's Head of the "pôle développement des générosités" (department for the development of acts of generosity) even ran the MCC this year. The race started in Martigny-Combe and was an unforgettable experience for her!

"Encounters" it was a real pleasure to meet new volunteers by attending the aid station at Petit Saint Gervais (the year before we were deployed in Bertone), to strengthen our relationships with our solidarity runners and to discuss with the other runners, their families, the volunteers and the other partner associations attending stands.

Runner contact
Stephanie DROUHIN
Frères des Hommes
tél : +33 (0)1 55 42 62 63

To know everything about Frères des Hommes :

After receiving your donation, we will send you a tax receipt allowing you to deduct 66% of your donation from your tax, up to a maximum of 20% of your income.