French Foundation for rare diseases

A unique opportunity to offer some hope to the 30 million European people affected by rare diseases or 300 million worldwide by wearing a solidarity bib for the Foundation.


For the last 7 years, more than 200 trailers have chosen to involve their personnal UTMB challenge by subscribing a solidarity bib of the French Foundation for Rare Diseases.
They have created a real community of which we are very proud and grateful !

Solidarity, enthusiasm, respect and surpassing oneself : all these strong values are promoted by the entire team of the Foundation and by the discipline of ultra-endurance.
We offer you to join a real united family of trailers, to be able to share your emotions and experiences or to live your personal challenge differently.

Thanks to all, former and future trailers, for your faith, commitment, and courage!

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In 2022, join our team and give hope to the patients.

Contacts for solidarity bibs
Pauline Nauroy :  
Yannis Hajji :


30 million individuals suffer from rare diseases in Europe and half of them are children.
In Europe, a disease is considered to be rare if less than 1 person in 2000 is affected by the illness (Rare disease affects few people).

Unfortunately, rare diseases are numerous (7000 are known and a lot more of them probably exist). The cause is universal. 3 million individuals suffer from rare diseases in France and half of them are children.

Having a rare disease, is a real daily struggle with many obstacles to overcome: uncertain diagnosis, lack of treatment, isolation, daily care, etc. ...

It is therefore urgent to accelerate research! This is the main goal we have set for the Foundation for rare diseases, which since 2012 has funded more than 400 scientific research projects.
To find out more about his actions and results, check out in our 2020 activity report

Choosing to wear one of our solidarity bib is the opportunity to join us and get involved in rising the challenge of rare diseases."


A tax receipt will be sent to you upon receipt of your donation by the Rare Diseases Foundation, which will allow you to deduct 66% of the amount of your donation from your income tax, up to a maximum of 20% of your income. If you represent a company, the tax receipt will allow you to deduct 60% of the amount of the donation from your corporate tax.

We look forward to seeing you in Chamonix in August 2022 !