UTMB® a solidarity event

The Charity Committee

It promotes Solidarity within the UTMB®.

The Charity Committee selects the associations and ensures that their projects are in line with the values of the UTMB®. The commission ensures the diversity of the causes supported and that the associations represent the 3 UTMB® Mont-Blanc countries (France, Italy, Switzerland). The Committee members remain vigilant to ensure the right balance between international, national or local associations..

During the year, they encourage and ease communication  between the associations, runners and the UTMB® organization.  For that reason, the Committee is at the core of the charity bibs process.

During the event, they coordinate the actions of the associations and take care of the , logistics while highlighting the projects carried out, etc. Associations and charity runners benefit from a special welcome from the members and volunteers of the Solidarity Committee, in particular during the race pack collection and the " Solidarity Hour" that the Solidarity Committee co-organizes in their honor.

The Solidarity Committee is chaired by Jacqueline Ecochard and supported by volunteers from the 3 countries crossed by the UTMB® Mont-Blanc: Sylvie Barquant, Jocelyne Guichaoua, Federica Cortese, Michele Tropiano and Léandre Roduit.

The Solidarity Committee meets monthly and maintains close links with the charity associations in order to promote their work throughout the year. The Solidarity Committee is also very active during the UTMB® week so that spectators are aware of  the charity action and all those involved in the charity projects.

The solidarity is at the heart of the event

Run & Help those who need it







Since the very beginning, the UTMB® has always wanted to associate the energy of the event with a spirit of solidarity.

Our inner mountain culture gives great importance to human relations and mutual aid. It generates the desire to help others win their own battles: to overcome a difficult time, to fight a disease, to help children grow up and be happy.

So the UTMB®, in collaboration with les Trailers du Mont-Blanc, has developed several ways of collecting donations for charitable associations. The organization supports 5 associations through a donation system happening during the registration for each of its 5 events. Therefore, 160 SOLIDARITY RACE-BIBS are granted to runners who wish to support one of our partner association by donating at least 2000€, which can be paid directly or through sponsors who may help runners raise the sum. Furthermore, if they so wish, runners may take advantage of their participation to support an association of their choice.

The UTMB® has created strong links with the associations it supports, following up the implementation of concrete actions and favoring human exchange between the runners, the organizers and the associations.

2019 Report

Charity bibs

340 000 €
collected by the associations




Donations at registration
18 680 €

A runner may register for a race – without having to go through the lottery - by making a 2000€donation  to one of the charitable associations supported by the organization (as per the current regulations). The runner may be supported by a donor/donors of their choice, private or commercial, to raise the funds.

In 2021, we guarantee a spot (there are only 160 spots available) to any runner who, directly or through a donor of his choice, donates 2000 € to one of the following associations. By donating, the runner also commits to become an ambassador for the cause they support.

2021 GOAL

chairty bibs


Associations supported within the framework of solidarity race-bibs

Associations supported

Click on the logo of the association to learn about their project




To contact the associations supported by solidarity race-bibs, click here

The process in order to benefit from a solidarity, health or environment race-bib

From January 7th to 28th 2021

  • The runner goes to his runner’s page and clicks on  "Reserve a solidarity/health/environment race-bib ", and choses the association they wish to support and the race in which they would like to run.
  • Once he booked his bib, the donor has one week to make his donation to the chosen association to confirm the reservation of the race-bib.
  • The association informs the UTMB® once the payment has been made.
  • The UTMB® then contacts the runner to give them the special registration procedure.
    In the case where the donation is not made within the time limit, the race-bib will be put back in to play.

NB: In the event that the maximum quota of solidary bibs is reached, the additional bookings will be put on the waiting list. Runners on the waiting list will be likely to be contacted by the organisation between February 4th and 14th 2021.

Important : A registration via a solidarity/health/environment race-bib is subject to the same regulations as a normal registration (qualifying points, registration fees, etc.) except that the runner doesn’t have to pass via the draw.
The donor may on no account recuperate all or a part of their donation. As from the moment when the runner registers, they are under the same race regulations as the others including the cancellation of their registration, they will be reimbursed a varying sum according to the date of the cancellation.


Registration donations for associations
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