Regulations for the YCC

Regulations for the 2019 #YCC


UTMB Group organizes the UTMB® in collaboration with the Trailers du Mont Blanc association of the communes of Chamonix, Les Houches, Saint-Gervais, Les Contamines, Hauteluce, Beaufort, Bourg-Saint-Maurice, Seez, La Thuile, Pré Saint-Didier, Courmayeur, Morgex, Orsières (La Fouly, Champex-Lac), Trient and Vallorcine.


The #YCC (Hashtag Youth Chamonix Courmayeur) is a sporting challenge, which is organised within the framework of the UTMB® in collaboration with the Argentière UCPA and the commune of Courmayeur.

It is open to the young aged between 16 and 22 and comprises of a prologue and a 15km trail-run

1. The prologue : a fast race of three laps of 700m in Chamonix, place du Triangle de l’Amitié, on Tuesday August 29th 2020.
2. The trail-run :A 15km lap of around 1000 metres ascent/descent, in total autonomy, Wednesday August 30th 2017, starting from Courmayeur.


Each participant of the #YCC makes a commitment to have in their possession, throughout the entire route of the trail-run, the obligatory equipment listed below. This equipment is the minimum which each trail-runner must have the habit of taking with them for this type of race. In relation to the weather conditions, their own capacity and the specificities of the race, the participant must complement their obligatory material for their own safety and to have a good race.
The obligatory material may be controlled at any time during the race, the participant being responsible for their own material. If anything is lacking, penalties will be imposed.

Obligatory material :
• stock of water minimum ½ litre
• mobile phone with option enabling its use in France and Italia
• survival blanket 1.40m x 2m minimum
• whistle
• Jacket

Very strongly recommended :
• water-proof and warm clothing in relation to the climatic conditions
• clothing which covers 100% of the legs
• cap, neck-warmer, gloves, sun-glasses...
• supply of food

Walking poles are authorised throughout the race. If the participant chooses to start the race with poles, they must be kept with them for the duration of the race. It is however, forbidden to start the race without them and recuperate them later.


Every bib is individually handed to each runner on production of:
• a photographic identity,
• your race pack and all you obligatory equipment

The race bib must be worn on the chest or the stomach and must be permanently and fully visible throughout the entire race. It must, therefore, always be positioned over any clothing and cannot for any reason be fixed onto the back or a leg. The name and logo of the sponsors must neither be modified, nor hidden. 
The race number is the pass necessary to get to the shuttles, buses, refreshment posts, nurses, rest areas, showers, areas for depositing or recuperating spares bags…Except in the case of refusal to comply with a decision taken by a race official, the race bib is never withdrawn, but in the case of retirement, it is deactivated.


First aid posts are positioned at different points throughout the course. These posts are in radio or telephone liaison with Race Control. A medical control team is present during the entire duration of the events at the Chamonix Race Control.

The rescue posts are aimed at bringing help to any person in danger with the means particular to the organisation or registered.

If it appears that a runner is in difficulty or seriously injured to call for assistance :
• go in person to a first aid point
• telephone the course controller
• ask another runner to alert the first aiders
It is essential that each runner helps anybody in danger and alerts the first aid point.

Do not forgot, that due to the problems related to the environment and the type of event, one might have to wait for assistance for longer than anticipated. Your security, therefore, depends upon the quality of the materials that you have in your pack.


Each runner is equipped with 2 electronic chips: 1 fixed to the race-bib and 1 fixed to the back-pack. Runners who are not in permanent possession of their chips will be penalised.
Checks (controls) will be carried out during the event to ensure that that the participants are followed and to ensure the regularity of the race. Participants must, obligatorily, pass these check points and present themselves (race-bib visible) to the controllers and follow their instructions.
The first automatic control is made when crossing the starting line.
To avoid all unnecessary searching, all participants are obliged to notify their abandonment as soon as possible, at a control post or by telephone to the race HQ (PC course). Following their abandonment, each runner whose state of health does not require an evacuation, must return as fast as possible, by their own means, to the finishing area.


The #YCC will be run in autonomy. Liquid refreshments will be available at the La Suche check point.
A meal will be served Chamonix after the prologue, organised by the Argentière UCPA.

A meal will be served in Courmayeur after the trail-run, organised by the commune of Courmayeur.


The maximum time for the event, for the totality of the course, is fixed at:
• Prologue : 20 minutes
• Trail-run : 4 hours

The time limits for leaving (time barriers) of the principle control posts will be marked and written in the course guide.


It will be possible to have a hot shower at the end of the race at the Forum Mountain Sport Centre in Dolonne, situated 1km from the finish. Shuttle buses will be available at the finish, from the place du Mont-Blanc, to take runners to the sports centre.


It is imperative that you follow the paths with the markers without taking short cuts. In effect, short cutting the paths leads to erosion which damages the site.


All accompanying and assistance is strictly forbidden along the route of the #YCC


Any breach of the current regulations will be the object of a penalty against the participant. If several breaches are noticed, the points will be accumulated. The participant will be notified by the jury of any penalty within a delay of 20 minutes of finishing their race. The event's final ranking will take into account the accumulation of the time taken for the race and any penalty points which are applied.

Breaches of the regulations


For the lack of each element of the obligatory material

10 minutes added to the race time

Depositing or collecting walking-poles during the race

5 minutes added to the race time

Impersonation or exchange name specific race-bib

Disqualification and exclusion

Short-cutting the route

Jury's decision

Refusal to take anti-doping control

Control assumed to be positive

Non presentation at ,or lack of passing through, a control point

Jury's decision

Not assisting somebody in difficulty (requiring care/assistance)

Disqualification and exclusion


15 minutes added to race time

Non compliance with the instructions given by persons in charge of the post

Between 5 and 15 minutes added to the race time

Non respect for the current regulations not already cited above

Jury's decision



All objections must be in writing and lodged with the course director, with a caution of 100 (one hundred) euros (non-returnable if the objection is not valid), within two hours of the arrival of the runner concerned.


The jury is authorised to give a ruling in the time compatible within the imperatives of the race on all the objections lodged during the event. The decisions will be without appeal.


The organisation reserves the right to modify at any moment the route and the positioning of the rescue and refreshment posts, without warning. In the case of unfavourable weather conditions (important quantities of rain or snow at altitude, strong risk of storms….) the start may only be postponed by a maximum several hours, after that time the race is cancelled.

In the case of poor meteorological conditions, and for reasons of safety, the organisation reserves the right to stop the event underway or to modify the time barriers.

In case of cancellation of an event, for whatever reason, decided more than 15 days before the date of the start of the race, a partial refund of the registration fees will be made. The amount of this refund will be fixed so as to allow the organisation to cover all irredeemable expenses committed, up to the date of the cancellation. In case of a cancellation decided less than 15 days before the departure or in case of interruption of the race, for whatever the reason, no refund of the registration fee will be made


Civil responsibility:
The organiser has taken out civil responsibility insurance for the duration of the event. This civil responsibility insurance guarantees the financial consequences of its responsibility, of that of its officials and of the participants.

Individual accident:
Each competitor must, obligatorily, have their own accident insurance which will cover any costs of search and rescue in France, Italy and Switzerland. Such insurance can be taken out with any organisation of the competitor’s choice in particular with the French Federation of Athletics via the subscription of the ‘Pass’ Running’ or membership

NB: you have to pay for helicopter evacuation. The choice of the evacuation depends exclusively on the organisation, which will systematically the prioritise the runners’ security


Each runner will receive a gift for participating in the race. For each race, a general male and female ranking and a ranking for each category will be given.
The first 3 men and the first 3 women of the general ranking, as well as the first 3 of each category, will receive a trophy and a gift.

Participation in the prologue is highly recommended so as not to start the challenge with time penalties.

In the case of non-participation of the prologue, the time which appears at the end of the sporting challenge will include :
- the time of the slowest runner of the prologue in their category
- the runner's time for the #YCC.


Competitors who are sponsored may only have the sponsor's logos on their clothing or equipment used during the race. All other publicity accessories (flags, banners) are forbidden at all points of the race including at the finish, at the risk of penalties imposed by the jury.


Every competitor relinquishes their claim to photographic copyright during the event, and he relinquishes any recourse against the organiser and against his approved partners for the use of his image. Only the organisation can pass on these rights for the image in any media, via an accreditation or an adapted license.