The UTMB® is neither a marathon nor ordinary trail race. Security is everybody’s affair. We as organisers must keep you informed and give you the tools which will help to ensure your safety.
Even the best runners are not sheltered from injury which may immobilise them during the night, in the cold under snow, or rain in the midst of the mountains.
The ground rescue teams (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, podologists, and voluntary first-aiders) are coordinated by the medical assistance company Dokever® and are present to give emergency treatment. The delay for the intervention by a rescue team is linked to the environment and to subsequent hazards which can make the time seem longer.


The UTMB®, CCC®, TDS® and OCC are all races which take place in open country, in mountainous terrain, far from networks (roads, telecommunications…) with weather conditions which can change very fast even at the end of August (snow, hail, fog, heat (>30°) or intense cold (<-10°) with or without a violent wind…).

Advice along the route:

  • Do not stop at high points
  • If you lose sight of the way-markers: turn round and go back to the previous marker
  • Stay on the paths


Your safety depends upon the quality of that which you have in your pack.
The obligatory equipment is explained in the regulations.

  • Anticipate the cold as well as extreme heat
  •  Don’t wait to shiver before covering yourself up
  • Don’t change in full wind: anticipate or wait to be sheltered
  • Protect yourself against the sun

Walking poles: watch what you do with your poles particularly at the beginning of the race when there is a high human density. Do not wear the wrist straps on the descents:  in case of a rough fall wrist-straps prevent the suitable use of the hands (injuries to shoulders, wrists, forearm or more seriously the head).


Hydration and the consumption of energising snacks must be adapted to the meteorological conditions and enriched in salt throughout the effort.
Keep a good balance between slow and rapid release sugars

Find our health advices on


Rest areas are available at refreshment posts for a few moments sleep.
It is dangerous to stop to sleep alone in open country. Fatigue and the lack of vigilance can be the cause of an accident.
Run within your limits (above all over the first part) keeping your energy for later to surmount difficult situations which may arise such as a sudden change of weather conditions.


You or another competitor are in difficulty and immobilised:

Telephone network available:
Use your mobile/cell phone to contact race HQ, give your position and reference point.
Contact race HQ on the emergency number +33 4 50 53 47 51
or the emergency priority number 112 in France, 144 in Switzerland and 118 in Italy

Telephone network unavailable:
Alert a member of the organisation (if possible who has a radio) or other competitors.

ATTENTION :  It is obligatory that you do not leave a person who is in difficulty alone

Save, in your mobile phone, the organisation’s emergency number
+33 4 50 53 47 51 (race HQ) and 112 in France, 144 in Switzerland and 118 in Italy. Check that the number that you have given us as an emergency contact number is that of the person who you wish to be contacted in the case of a problem.

*A mobile/cell phone is obligatory: with the option of international roaming activated throughout the race, with a full battery (think about de-activating certain options to save on battery use…). It is obligatory that you can receive text alerts before, during and after the race (stoppage of the race, change of itinerary…).

Locate Me II

A Smartphone application, available on Android and IOS which allows the organisation, if necessary, to geo-localise where you are or for you to alert the rescue services directly.
We strongly recommend you that you install this app on to your Smartphone! Available at the beginning of July!

Individual insurance Obligatory

Repatriation by helicopter costs between 800 and 3000 euros. Every year, runners are caught out by not having been farsighted enough. Nevertheless, the UTMB® regulation is clear: each runner has to be in ownership of individual accident insurance covering possible expenses of search and rescue in France, Italy and Switzerland.

Such insurance maybe taken out with any agent, of your choice.


Safety in the mountains