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Taking in to account the success of the event and the very large number of requests, registration for the UTMB® races is governed by two principles : a points system, for runners who have previously completed qualifying races, and a draw.

This system ensures that the runners have the experience necessary to participate in one of the UTMB® races, and it manages the number of participants so that the races take place in good conditions (quality, safety and with respect for the environment).

The organisation offers 4 individual races (UTMB®, CCC®, TDS®, OCC) and an adventure in teams (PTL®) meaning welcoming almost 8000 participants coming from 87 different countries.

Those persons not selected by the draw, benefit from advantageous conditions valuable for the same race at the time of registration the following year, which would double their chances. For those who are not selected two years in succession, there is a priority registration (upon the understanding that they have the necessary points).

All the information concerning pre-registration and registration are available below.

International ELITE runners benefit from specific registration conditions on the event according to precise criteria based on their ITRA performance index.

2018 Enrolment
2018 registrations - The solidarity, health & environment race-bibs
Calculating my number of points
2017 Enrolment
Age category

Age categories - 2017

The age categories used are those which are officially designated by the French Athletics Federation.
To participate in the UTMB® you must be 20 years old, the category «Espoirs» is for the youngest age group.

Espoirs Men ES H 1995 - 1997
Espoirs Women ES F 1995 - 1997
Seniors Men SE H

1978 - 1994

Seniors Women

SE F 1978 - 1994
Masters Men 1 VH 1 1968 - 1977
Masters Men 2 VH 2 1958 - 1967
Masters Men 3 VH 3 1948 - 1957
Masters Men 4 VH 4 1938 - 1947
Masters Men 5 VH 5 1937 and before
Masters Women 1 VF 1 1968 - 1977
Masters Women 2 VF 2 1958 - 1967
Masters Women 3 VF 3 1948 - 1957
Masters Women 4 VF 4 1938 - 1947
Masters Women 5 VF 5 1937 and before