Solidarity is at the heart of the event

Run and help those who need it

Since the beginning of its time, the UTMB® has always wanted to associate the energy of the event with a spirit of solidarity. Our mountain culture places an importance on human relations and mutual aid. We are impregnated with the famous spirit of 'roped partners' and animated by this willingness to help each other to gain personal victories : to get over a difficult moment, to fight against an illness or to help children grow up and flourish.

So the UTMB® has developed several ways of collecting donations for partner charitable associations. The organisation supports 5 associations directly through a system of contributions made during registration for each of its 5 events. Besides, 140 SOLIDARITY RACE-BIBS are granted to runners who wish to support one of our partner associations by donating 2000€, paid directly or through sponsors in order to raise the sum. Finally, each runner can, if they wish to do so, take advantage of their participation to support an association of their choice by being sponsored so as to show their support for the organisation.

The UTMB® has create strong links with the associations they support, following the implementation of the actions and favouring human exchange between the runners, the organisers and the associations.

Solidarity bibs

290 000 €
collected by the associations




Donations at registration
25 000 €

Race bibs and solidarity
Contacts dossards solidaires
Assoc. supported by the organization
Fondation maladies rares
Frères des Hommes
Greffe de vie
Le Rire Médecin
Les Amis de Children's Home
Liziba Source de Vie
Plan International
A Chacun Son Everest


This small, 100% voluntary, association was created at the foot of Mont-Blanc.

Our principal financial support is the UTMB for which our doctor and other members have worked for many years.

Classed as general interest with a humanitarian purpose, donors will be granted  tax relief on 66% of the amount of their donation, notably for solidarity race-bibs.

We would like to finance and equip an orphanage and a hospital in the bush at PAGALA (Togo).

Each year we fund the costs of education, health, insurance, electricity and food for the, around thirty, Ste Anne de Pagala orphans.

We supply the hospital with batches of technical or single use equipment

Actions  since 2013  :

  • Creation of a 600 m power line to supply the neighborhood of the orphanage. 
  • Remaking of the orphanage: dormitories, ceilings, bedding, toilets, electricity,  kitchen.
  • Purchase of various equipment, refrigerator, television, bicycles for students.
  • Funds for school enrolments and school supplies
  • Salary for a new teacher
  • Purchase of agricultural land in order to make the orphanage a self-sufficient food producer.
  • Construction of a building on agricultural land to supervise and facilitate cultivation.
  • Construction of a second building to accommodate aid workers and older children.
  • Donation of ECG, Doppler, microscope, bronchial aspirator for the hospital.
  • Renovation of the hospital's electrical network in collaboration with Électriciens Sans Frontières

2018, Diversifying of our actions while continuing to support orphans and patients in Pagala

  • Funds for school enrolments for disadvantaged children from certain districts of Lomé, the capital of Togo
  • Renovation of a village school providing education for 450 students

We make regular visits for voluntary missions and to supervise, in situ,
the work and the use of the donated monies.
Follow the progress of our projects here

To contact us :
Association Pagala
Mr D. PADOVAN - 20 r. vve Grosset - 74700 Sallanches - France

Soutien Orphelinat Pagala 2016 par UltraTrailMontBlanc